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At str8bat we believe the holy grail moment in batting is when ball hits the bat and insights become actionable when one captures motions of key body parts relative to the bat at that instant. We understand the physics behind cricket and are using state-of-the-art motion capture IoT technology to give you INSTANT, VISUAL and ACTIONABLE insights.

What is str8bat ?

str8bat gives you instantaneous, actionable & visual insights into your game using state-of-art motion sensors. It helps you to identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve. It enables you to compare your cricket game of today v/s that of yesterday or with that of your role model. All this through a cutting edge AI engine which automatically identifies the shot types played and helps you to focus on those aspects of your game which needs your attention. str8bat will also enable you to gain access to the best minds in the game, through connects with top notch coaches across the globe, all on-the-go

Why str8bat ?

Experts say that cricket ball spends ~1ms in contact with the bat which makes analysis from naked eye a big challenge. str8bat Coach-assist will give actionable insights which are difficult to gauge from naked eye for coaches while str8bat Player-assist will give actionable insights which can be used for self analysis of game and to enable coaches help players improve. str8bat provides possibility of remote coaching and also builds a talent-scouting platform that will make talent discovery transparent, fair and efficient because we believe talents should be selected and not eliminated.

next @ str8bat ?

Batting Beta release in July 2017 Bowling Beta release in Oct 2017


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