IPL Auction 2022: A Complete Story of Big money & the Starry Affair

IPL Auction 2022: A Complete Story of Big money & the Starry Affair

The buzz around IPL Auction 2022 was louder this time because of many compelling reasons. Moreover, when big money goes on stake, and starry appearances run behind, getting the best of talent on board; generally, events become a grand affair.

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With this blog we aim to answer all your queries related to IPL 2022 and its auction that took place on 12th and 13th Feb 2022. After the addition of two new teams, namely Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans, the IPL auction attracted a lot of buzz for all the valid reasons. So hold your horses tight as we are going to uncover one of the much-talked stories of IPL this year.

For readers who are not familiar with IPL Auction, we will elaborate on the IPL auction process first.


IPL Auction 2022: A Quick Overview

All IPL franchise teams take part in the auction. These franchises can bid for any player they wish to have in their squad. Once the player's name is announced with the base price he is having and the playing speciality he has, franchises start bidding. The one who bids the highest price gets the player in their team.

The bidding process seems easy, but it is not. A lot of strategic work, planning, advisory goes behind it. Franchise owners have a core team of Sports analyst's, coaches, and recommendations from the team captain. These bidding teams usually know which player they want in their team, but sometimes things don't go in the desired manner in auction rooms. So these franchise owners keep a backup plan ready too.


IPL 2022: What’s new? 🙅

IPL Auction - Teams at a glance


This time, there were a total of ten teams. Out of ten, eight teams were old, whereas two were new and participated in the auction the very first time. The complete list of IPL 2022 teams.


Let’s have a look at the complete number of management teams chased players with the big bucks.

1. Lucknow SuperGiants New Team
2. Gujarat Titans New Team
3. Rajasthan Royals Old Team
4. Royal Challengers Bangalore Old Team
5. Chennai Super Kings Old Team
6. Kolkata Knight Riders Old Team
7. Mumbai Indians Old Team
8. Sunrisers Hyderabad Old Team
9. Delhi Capitals Old Team
10. Punjab Kings Old Team

Learn more about further grouping of the teams on IPL 2022 blog by india.com

Before further details of the IPL 2022 auction, here are the must-know rules of IPL 2022 for our readers.



Get Familiar with a New set of IPL Mega Auction 2022 Rules


IPL 2022 - Must Know Rules of The Auction
Must Know Rules of the IPL Auction 2022

Here are the simplified rules for our readers,

We are dividing IPL Auction 2022 rules under two categories- General and Retention rules. Let’s uncover them.


IPL Auction - General Rules Of This Year

  • Each franchise must spend 67.5 crores out of the total purse size (Purse size was also 90 crores this time).
  • Each franchise was allowed to have a maximum of 25 players or 18 on the minimum side in the team.
  • The base price of players ranged between 20 lakhs to 2 crores, depending upon their base category.

IPL 2022 - Player Retention Rules

  • As per IPL mega auction 2022 rules, team managements could retain a maximum of 4 players.
  • Teams could retain at max 3 Indian and 1 Overseas player or 2 Indian and 2 overseas players.
  • There was the additional condition on retaining uncapped players where teams were not allowed to retain more than two uncapped players.
  • If a player wanted to go for auction and did not want to be retained, players were free to opt for going under the hammer.
  • Before the auction, both new IPL teams could choose two Indian and one foreign player from the Mega Auction pool.
  • Before the auction, new teams were restrained from picking more than one uncapped player.
  • There was a rule for purse value deduction on retention of the players by teams. BCCI labeled a set of rules on retention money as well, which were like this
  • BCCI deducted 42 crores from their purse value for teams that retained four players. Notably, Mumbai Indians and CSK's first-choice player grabbed a whopping amount of 16 crores, the second choice rewarded 12 crores, the third choice fetched 8 crores, and the fourth choice fetched 6 crores.
  • For the teams retaining three-player from their teams, BCCI deducted 33 crores from their purse value. Interestingly, RCB ended by paying the maximum where their first-choice player got 15 crores, the second choice took 11 crores, and the third choice grabbed 7 crores.
  • One window allowed teams to give more money over their retention fixed rates. And it will be essential to add that Delhi Capitals used this window to retain desired talent.

Read more about The Five Most expensive Players from the IPL auction 2022 here.

Surely, retention had an impact on the purse size of franchises. Thus, not all teams retained four players rather liked to keep their purse size high. Read more about the IPL Retention Rules here. 


A big no to the "Right to Match" rule in IPL 2022

With two new teams on the board, the BCCIBCCI decided to withdraw the right to match rule this time. Right to Match gives an option to bring back their old team players into the teams. Once the player draws the highest bid, the franchise that previously owned that player is asked to retain by matching the bid amount.

Read more about this on the Hindu website.

This rule can go well when all franchises are old. This time there were two new teams, so the withdrawal of this rule helped new teams to be at par with the old ones.

For a better understanding of IPL Mega  Auction 2022 rules, visit our source timesofsports.com 


Retention Privilege to new IPL franchises

Both the new franchises had the option to buy three players from the auction pool before the mega auction. Gujarat Titans signed Hardik Pandya, Shubham Gill and Rashid Khan by availing their right. At the same time, Lucknow Super Giants added K L Rahul, Marcus Stoinis and Ravi Bishnoi to their squad.

Readers are requested to visit our source Financial Express for a detailed read.


Upgraded purse size from 85 crores to 90 crores

The purse represents the total money an IPL franchise can spend for taking players in their squads. There are two ways to take any player in the team. First, by retaining old players of the squad, else winning player through bids during the auction.

This time BCCI raised the purse size by five crores, and this took the final purse size to 90 crores for each team. With two more teams, BCCI raised the overall kitty by 50 crores.

With increased purse size and more franchises locking their horns on the auction table, we got to see two sides of IPL purse value utilisation strategies. Few franchises preferred to retain the big talents by giving some extra money, while others retained fewer players and preferred to try their luck in the auction room.

Franchises like Sunriser Hyderabad showed faith in uncapped players like Usman Malik and Abdul Samad. They also grabbed Nicolas Pooran at 10.75 crores from the IPL auction. Same way Punjab Kings retained one capped and one uncapped Indian player, obvious to say that Punjab Kings saved a big chunk of 72 crores for the mega IPL auction 2022 event.

There was much talk around new rules, and we know lots of questions irking your mind.

Don't worry! All your doubts will be answered slowly and steadily, be with us.



IPL Auction 2022: An Entire Story, The Whole Created "BUZZ" 🙋

To make the readers familiar with the complete scenario before the start of the auction, here is the complete IPL 2022 retained players list.

IPL Teams Lineup Before Auction
IPL 2022 - Teams Lineup

The list of IPL retained players 2022 grabbed a lot of attention. People were curious as to why Mahender Singh Dhoni got less amount than Ravindra Jadeja. But the reason was apparent, Ravindra Jadeja was the first preference of CSK.

Why was KKR left with 48 crores after retaining players at 34 crores?

Did this question strike your mind? 😐


Well, according to the rules of BCCI, on the retention of four players, 42 crores were deducted from the franchise's purse value. So as per rule, they were left with only 48 crores in purse value.

The craze for IPL is getting more with each passing season. The previous mega auction took place in 2018. A long list of reasons made this auction the talk of the town. With TATA on board as a key sponsor, IPL mega auction 2022 took place on 12th and 13th Feb 2022 at the hotel ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru.

It won't be wrong to say that IPL takes the career of deserving players to new heights. With ten players part of the marquee list, a massive number of 1,214 players registered for the IPL auction 2022. But IPL organisers cut the list down to 590 players; out of these, 220 were overseas players, and 370 were Indians.



IPL Auction nevertheless a celebrity event

This year, all the Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Preity Zinta missed the event. It won't be wrong to say that auction rooms became strategic formulation cum training hubs for corporate houses' young generations. Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and Jhanvi Mehta represented Kolkota Knight Riders with advisors and team mentors.


IPL Mega Auction 2022 - Day 1
IPL Auction 2022 Wrap-Up Of Day 1

IPL Auction 2022 started with following all covid-19 related protocols. But BCCI had to suspend auction proceedings midway when auctioneer Hugh Edmeades collapsed on the podium due to postural hypotension. Later, Charu Sharma continued the proceedings of the auction.

Let’s explore the major highlights of day -1

  • Total of 74 players were sold on the first day of IPL auction 2022.
  • On day 1, wicket-keeper Ishan Kishan stole the show, gaining 15.25 crores for this IPL season.
  • Chennai Superkings took over bowler Deepak Chahar at 14 crores.
  • KKR won the bid of batter Shreyas Iyer with 12.25 crores.
  • All-rounder (wicket-keeper) Harshal Patel stole the show with whopping 10.75 crores and was grabbed by RC Bengaluru.

All-rounder Hershal Patel was the highest gainer this time who was sold at a price of 20 lacs the previous year, but with a strike rate of 134.53 and an economy rate of 8.58, Harshal forced franchises to bid higher.

Fast bowler Avesh Khan is an uncapped player who attracted the attention of bidders. He snatched 24 wickets in the last season of IPL for Delhi Capitals. But this time, Lucknow Super Giants successfully took the player at 10 crores against the base price of merely 20 lakhs. Eventually, Avesh Khan marked himself in IPL history as the first uncapped player for attracting such a huge amount.

For further information on Auction day - 1 please visit India.com's blog on IPL day 1 highlights.


Highlights of IPL Mega Auction 2022  Day 2- Super Sunday 😎


Dark Horses of Day 2
IPL Mega Auction 2022 - Dark Horses of Day 2

Day 2 witnessed two sides of emotions. On one side, sold players faces sparkled with glee, whereas dreams of unsold players were tarnished. Four bowlers gained the highest bidding out of the best five deals, whereas only one batter entered this group.

Lucknow Super Giants used their total purse value on the second day, and still, they could buy only 21 players.

Let’s see what more exciting and astonishing happened on day -2
  • Overseas all-rounder Liam Livingstone got 11.50 from Punjab Kings.
  • Bid for Shardul Thakur came in favour of Delhi Capitals at 10.75 crores.
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad took over Wicket-keeper Batsmen Nicholas Pooran for 10.75 crores.
  • All-rounder Wanindu Hasaranga was fetched by Royal challengers Banglore.
  • Bowlers Lockie Ferguson and Prasidh Krishna were grabbed by Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals for 10-10 crores each.
  • The biggest disappointment came when Suresh Raina was not picked up by Chennai Super Kings and remained unsold.
  • Another renowned player Ishant Sharma too, remained unsold this year.
  • Ashwin, Pat Cummins, David Warner, Manish Pandey and Dwayne Bravo were sold at a lesser price than their previous year bidding price.

Source: timesnownews.com

IPL Auction : Star Performers in 2022💥💥

This year, IPL auction 2022 leaned down toward bowlers side. Out of 11 highest paid (through auction) players - 5 were bowlers, 2 wicket-keepers, 3 all-rounders, and only 1 was the batter.

23-year-old Ishan Kishan, picked by Mumbai Indians for 15.25 crore, is the most expensive player for IPL 2022. Harshal Patel gets 5275% raise in salary, bought by RCB for 10.75 crores. He had a salary of Rs 20 lakhs in IPL 2021. While Overseas player Liam Livingstone is bought for a handsome price of 11.5 crores by Punjab Kings.

IPL Auction 2022: Much Awaited result 🎉

Ishan Kishan is the most expensive player in the IPL auction 2022. However, he is the second most expensive till now after Yuvraj Singh ( 16 Crore in 2015). Let’s explore the final list of sold players team-wise and see your favourite player now playing from which team.


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IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of RCB Squad

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) was founded in 2008 by United Spirits and named after the company’s liquor brand Royal Challenge.

This Bangalore based franchise is one of the most popular teams in the tournament. It was purchased by Vijay Mallya back in 2008, who paid US$111.6 million. According to a survey conducted by Duff & Phelps, the brand value of RCB was estimated to be US$79 million.

  • Purse Spent- 88.45 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 1.55 crore
  • Squad Total Strength- 22
  • Indians- 14, Overseas- 8
RCB Final Players List
RCB Final Players List- IPL 2022

source: timesofsports.com

IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Rajasthan Royals Squad-H3

Rajasthan Royals was founded in 2008 at the least price of $67 million. This team plays for Swai Madho Pur stadium of Jaipur. Presently, Emerging Media IPL ltd. of Manoj Badale owns a stake of 65% in the franchise. Lachlan Murdoch and RedBird Capital Partners are the minority stakeholders in the league.

  • Purse Spent- 89.05 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 95 lakh
  • Squad Total Strength- 24
  • Indians- 16, Overseas- 8
Rajasthan Royals Final Players List in IPL Auction 2022
Rajasthan Royals Final Players List


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight riders is owned by Red chilly entertainment of Shahrukh Khan in collaboration with Juhi Chawla and Jay Mehta. The league was initially purchased at $75.09 million. Generally referred to as KKR plays for Eden Garden stadium of Kolkata.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 89.55 crore
  • Purse Remaining: Rs 45 lakh
  • Squad Strength: 25
  • Indian- 17, Overseas- 8.
KKR Final Players List
KKR Final Players List


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Punjab Kings Squad

This team represents PCA stadium, Mohali. Initially, this league was known as Kings Eleven. But recently, the name of this team changed to Punjab Kings. This team was purchased at $76 million by Mohit Burman of Dabur group, Ness Wadia of Wadia group, Preity Zinta and Saptarshi Dey.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 86.55 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 3.45 crore
  • Squad Strength- 25
  • Indian- 18, Overseas- 7
 IPL 2022 - Punjab Kings Final Players List
Punjab Kings Final Players List


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Sunrisers Hyderabad Squad

This team represent Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad. Sunrisers Hyderabad was initially owned by Deccan Chronicles as Deccan Chargers, later, this team was taken over by Kalanithi Maran of Sun TV Network.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 89.90 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 10 lakh
  • Squad Strength- 23
  • Indian- 15, Overseas- 8
Sunrisers Hyderabad Final Players List - IPL 2022
Sunrisers Hyderabad Final Players List


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Mumbai Indians Squad

Mumbai Indian league represents Wankhede Stadium of Mumbai. This franchise was the most expensive league, bought by Reliance Industries at 111.9 million.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 89.90 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 10 lakh
  • Squad Strength- 25
  • Indian- 17, Overseas- 8
Mumbai Indians Final Players List
IPL Mega Auction 2022 - Mumbai Indians Players List


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Chennai Super Kings Squad-H3

Chennai Super kings represents M. A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. This team is owned by India cements for $91Million. They won the IPL title four times and are one of the strong teams in the league.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 87.05 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 2.95 crore
  • Squad Strength- 25
  • Indian- 17, Overseas- 8
Chennai Super Kings Final Players List
Chennai Super Kings Final Players List- IPL Auction


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Delhi Capital Squad-H3

Delhi Capital Squad represents Arun Jaitley Stadium, New Delhi. This league was initially purchased by GMR group as Delhi daredevils in $84 Million, But in 2018 they sold the 50% stake to JSW Group. With the change in ownership, the name changed to Delhi Capitals.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 89.90 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 10 lakh
  • Squad Strength- 24
  • Indian- 17, Overseas-7
Delhi Capital Final Players List - IPL 2022
Delhi Capital Final Players List


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Lucknow Super Giants squad -H3

Lucknow Super Giants Squad is owned by Sanjiv Goenka of RPSG group in 7090 crores. This team represents BRSABV Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow. This IPL season is their first one.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 90 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 0 lakh
  • Squad Strength- 21
  • Indian- 14, Overseas-7
Lucknow Super Giants Final Players List
Lucknow Super Giants Final Players List- IPL 2022


IPL Mega Auction 2022: Final list of Gujarat Titan squad

IPL 2022 is the first IPL season of this team. Gujarat Titans is owned by CVC Capital Partners in 5625 crores. Gujarat Squad represents Narendra Modi Stadium in Motera.

  • Purse Spent: Rs 89.85 crore
  • Purse Remaining- 15 lakh
  • Squad Strength- 23
  • Indian- 15, Overseas-8
IPL Mega Auction 2022 Gujrat Titan Final Players List
Gujrat Titan Final Players List



IPL Auction 2022: Word from Author


IPL Auction is always a matter of great curiosity. It feels good when better and deserving players get their due reward and value for their talent. Like hardcore fans, many of our readers might have felt bad for Ishan Sharma, but in the game of cricket, it is the performance that makes things happen. The success of Avesh Khan and Harshal Patel dictate the same fact in a louder way.

For the cricket players among our readers, Our message will be clear.

Focus on your performance, work on your weak areas, uplift the level of your games, and make the best use of cricket technology.

There are people who are silently observing your efforts. And when they decide, even big names leave behind, deserving ones always make their ways.

“There is no shortcut to success, it is the result of hard work and learning from failure”. -- COLIN POWELL




Who is capped and un-capped player in cricket?

A capped player is one who has represented his country at the international level in any cricket match format. In contrast, the uncapped one will not have represented his country internationally.

This time, there were 590 players; out of this, 228 were capped, and 355 were uncapped. Apart from this, seven were from associate nations. Learn more about full list of 590 players on Hindustan Time's official website.

What is the base price meaning in IPL auctions?

Base price is the minimum price that any player expects by going under the hammer or IPL auction. This is the price that the player fixes for himself. While setting up the price, the player keeps his performance and popularity in mind. He submits his desired price with no objection certificate from the parent board before the IPL auction with the BCCI board.

Generally, capped players with successful past season, and better performances, set a higher base price for them. Learn more about base price here. 

What was the range of base prices for the IPL 2022 auction?

The range of IPL base price was from 20 lacs to 2 crores.

There were 17 Indian and 22 overseas players in the highest range. Apart from this, there were other categories too.


  • 2 Crore
  • 1.5 Crore
  • 1 Crore
  • 75 lacs
  • 50 lacs
  • 40 lacs
  • 30 lacs
  • 20 lacs
Do all players get sold in IPL Auction?

No, sometimes team owners don't find the past performance of players lucrative. So no one agrees to pay the base price. In such a scenario, the player stands unsold. But if teams show interest in any unsold player so the unsold player can again be named for bid.

Later, these unsold players can be signed as replacements for any injured player.

Will there be any IPL player transfer window?

Yes, the transfer facility will be there. The window will open once all ten teams have played nine matches.

Do players get full of final bid price?

The players are bought for a tenure of one year. Suppose any franchise takes a player at 2 crores, irrespective of the number of matches he plays, the player will get full of his signing amount of 2 crores.

Scenario 1 - If any player pulls himself out due to personal or injury reasons before the start of IPL season, then the franchise will not be liable to pay any money to the player.

Scenario 2 - If any player is available for a fixed period of time but withdraws himself for any reason, then the franchise will pay on a pro-rata basis.

Scenario 3 - If the franchise releases any player in mid of his contract, then the franchise will be liable to pay in full.

What is a 'silent tie breaker' in an IPL auction?

When two teams' bid 'tie’ for the same player and both the teams has exhausted their total purse value on bidding. Both teams can submit the final bid price with BCCI. The team which will offer a high price gets the player. The winning franchise deposit this money with BCCI, but this excess money won't be part of their purse value of 90 crores.

For more queries, readers can refer to our source financialexpress.com

This blog is the result of deep research. During our research we relied on several news sources like Timesofsports, IPLT20, Times of Sports, Financial Express, India.com, Times Now News. The blog represents our understanding of the IPL 2022 auction. We request our readers to refer to the official website of IPL to get actual and accurate facts about the auction.

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