Bryan Harper Batting Masterclass on Batlift Angle | str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor

Bryan Harper Batting Masterclass on Batlift Angle | str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor

Watching Chennai’s matches makes you wonder how Thala hits those helicopter shots easier than finding a scooty rider on the streets with a death wish. While his technique on the follow through of the shots helps him leather the ball back to the Stone Age, it's his bat lift angle that allows him generate momentum before actually hitting the ball.

In a conversation with Cricket Australia's Coach Development Specialist Bryan Harper, we talked about the importance of the bat lift angle and how it is a crucial factor in improving your batting performance on the pitch.

What is bat lift angle?

It is the widest angle of your bat in your bat lift before the downswing. It is an essential technique in a batter’s repertoire that can make or break your game. It's measured in degrees, and different variations in your bat lift angle can help you play a variety of shots.

What is the importance of bat lift angle?

Our mentor from down under asks, “Are we getting the best results using that particular angle? We can then find out which bat angle you use will give you the best results.”

A lot of the game depends on your comfort. This is one of those metrics in which you shouldn’t go full Steve Irwin and try to get out of your comfort zone for success. For this, switch on the AC and sit cozy in your blanket, ‘cause that’s the key to peak performance.

Many professional players use different bat lift angles to their advantage. While it's a habit for some to use a specific bat lift, it's always ideal for you to vary your bat lift depending on the situation. A consistent bat lift helps in maintaining the timing of your shots; a higher bat lift helps in generating more power; and a versatile bat lift helps in unlocking multiple variations of shots. You can check out our case studies to see how the bat lift angle helped some players take a step closer to reaching their true potential.

How to use the data?

It’s time to put your brain cells to use, because looking at the data from a bird’s eye view will give you the best idea about your gameplay. Keep the following questions in mind while reviewing the data:

  • What is the maximum bat angle you’ve discovered you have?
  • Do you believe this is an opportunity for you to improve your play by coming a little closer?
  • What angle do you think is optimal for you?
  • If you discover a better angle, how are you gonna establish a mode of pattern?

Tips for improving your bat lift angle

Lifting a bat as heavy as Thor’s hammer might make you feel like you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it won’t help you lift the weighted expectations of your country off your shoulders. A heavy bat has a better sweetspot and can help you generate more power but has lesser bat preparation. Remember to choose a bat whose weight is ideal for you. 

Use str8bat’s analytical engine to analyse and compare your data in different environments, such as nets and bowling machines vs matches. Remember that the data you gathered during practice won’t necessarily replicate during the matches, so that feeling of being like the King in the nets is as temporary as the hopes of Bangalore fans during the Indian T20 season.


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